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Welcome to the Florida Child Support ePay site. This site allows employers to remit child support withholdings via the web.

Employers may use this site to prepare a file to submit to their bank through the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/EDI) portion of the website. Employers may also schedule ACH Debit payments for their child support withholdings.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/EDI)
How can I obtain information on the electronic funds transfer process?
Click the Employer EFT/EDI packet on the left side of this webpage and download the information packet. This document will guide you through the steps necessary to implement EFT/EDI with your financial institution.

I Recently arranged for a prenote transmission with my financial institution. When can I stop mailing in checks?
Five (5) business days are required to verify the remittance bank account information through your financial institution. You should continue to send a check for your child support withholdings during this period. If the prenote is not successful, you must continue to send a check until the bank account information has been verified.

Can I transmit a debit Transaction (reversal) if there is a mistake?
No, debit transactions are not allowed.

ACH Debit –Automated Payments from a Bank Account
Registering and Scheduling a Bank Draft

Verify Bank Account (Micro Payments)

Editing or Changing an Account

Unavailable Funds

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